Kakaw: Tales of Cacao farmers in Mindanao

“Cacao farming is not for lazy farmers. Cacao plants, especially when they are still in the early stage of growth, need sufficent care and attention. That is very important. If you are into farming, especially cacao farming, LOVE YOUR FARM.”

– Jesus Oxales, Cacao producer.

2021_Kakaw_CoverPictureJesus Oxales is a 71-year-old cocoa producer. After experiencing a loss of productivity within his 5 hectares of cacao, Jesus Oxales, casually known as Jessie, joined Kennemer in 2016.

Annebella U. Loma is a farmer in Mindanao. Before joining Kennemer, she used to receive seedlings from her local government. However, a lack of training, financial support and guidance prevented her from earning a sustainable income and provide for her family’s needs.

In our new publication, both farmers share their story, victories and future aspirations.



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