Cacao Doctor

Cacao Doctors are farmer entrepreneurs who, with intensive training from Kennemer, become consolidators of beans under the Kennemer buying program, distributors of planting material and inputs and providers of pruning and rehabilitation support services. Cacao Doctors will each run their own for-profit agri-enterprise and provide ongoing coaching and support services to the farmers in their cluster as a business.


How do you know you can be a good cacao doctor?

  1. Are you able to gather a cluster of growers with a total of 25 hectares in the direct vicinity of your farm?
  2. Does your farm have access to an all-weather road?
  3. Do you want to establish your own business of consolidating beans and providing support services to increase yield as income opportunities?
  4. Are you willing to (1) learn cacao farming practices, (2) make a long term commitment to the crop, (3)comply with Kennemer cacao farming protocols?
  5. Are you willing to help your fellow farmers by teaching and investing your time and effort to help them and their trees?

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