Under Kennemer’s comprehensive program, farmers are provided with:

  • High quality planting material and other inputs
  • Technology and training in good cacao farming practices
  • On-going mentorship and supervision
  • Post-harvest assistance
  • Guaranteed buy-back of the harvest at prices linked to the world-price
  • Facilitation of access to financing.

If your farm is located where Kennemer operates (Mindanao and some parts of Visayas), provide us with your location and number of hectares here.

Qualifications for the Program

  1. Interested in Cacao farming: Willing to (1) learn cacao farming practices and (2) make a long term commitment to the crop
  2. Age: Between 18 and 65 years old
  3. Land Ownership: Minimum of 1 hectare
  4. Character: Good character and reputation; competent and reliable
  5. Income: Has current source of income (enough to support during gestation period)
  6. Credit Standing: Free from outstanding or past due loans
  7. Agriculture Expertise: has existing knowledge of farming practices/farming other crops