Cocoa Revolution 2015 to push for better cocoa production

Source: Far Eastern Agriculture

The upcoming Cocoa Revolution event will zoom in on advances, trends and cocoa market dynamics, according to organisers

To be held in Singapore at GoodWood Park Hotel on 4­5 March 2015, CMT’s inaugural Cocoa Revolution summit will feature discussions on ‘Profiting from Cocoa as Demand Rises in Asia’s Emerging Markets’. The event will see decision makers of the cocoa and chocolate industry convene in the city.

Besides reviewing emerging markets, processing trends, yield and quality improvement, the summit will also present perspectives from Latin American countries like Peru and Ecuador and key updates on cocoa bean varieties like CCN 51 with good yield potential, and resistance to the diseases.

Among the speakers to be present at Cocoa Revolution include Dennis Melka, founder and CEO of United Cacao Limited SEZC, who will share his perspective on ‘New Cocoa Plantation Project in Peru’ and V. Srivathsan, managing director for Africa & Middle East at Olam International Limited presenting the company’s ‘Cocoa Position and Value Chain Activities in Africa’. Gerard Stapleton, head of South­East Asian Research of LMC International Ltd would also be present and share a ‘Global View on the Future of Cocoa Market and Dynamics of Butter/ Powder Balance’.

Country­specific cocoa production trends will be presented via sessions such as Colombia: Diversifying the cocoa market with fine flavor cocoa varieties by Zarahemla Fine Foods; Malaysia: Innovations and product development to grow Malaysia as Asia’s cocoa producer by Malaysian Cocoa Board; Philippines: Can Philippines emerge as the top quality cocoa bean supplier? by Kennemer Foods International, Incorporated (KFI); Vietnam: Raising the bar for best cocoa quality in Asia by Puratos Grand­Place® Vietnam; West Africa: Ghana: Adding value to our raw materials & improving cocoa quality and yield by Niche Cocoa Industry Limited, besides others.

Chinese cocoa consumption is poised to rise 40 per cent in 2013­18, London­based market intelligence firm Euromonitor said.